The Long-lasting Impact of International Visitor Leadership Program Exchanges

June Chua

Founder, The T Project in Singapore. IVLP Participant in a Multi-Regional Project titled “Resilient Societies: Strengthening Minority Gender Communities” in June 2018.

Kathy Korman Frey

Founder, Hot Mamas Project & Professional Lecturer, George Washington University. U.S. Guest Speaker for a Multi-Regional Project titled “Women and Entrepreneurship” in September 2019.

Serhii Letuchyi

Musician, Human Rights Activist, Advocate for People with Disabilities in Ukraine. 2020 IVLP Gold Star Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the ADA.

Raquel Beneby Hart

Entrepreneur, empowerment speaker, and business strategist from the Bahamas. IVLP participant in November 2019 project titled “Technical Entrepreneurship and Empowerment of Women and Girls.”



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