Teaching Librarians How to Innovate in the Digital Era to Drive Student Exploration and Learning

A Fulbright Specialist Goes to the Kyrgyz Republic

Three smiling women stand shoulder to shoulder.
Dr. Mega Subramaniam (center), stands together with two of her Kyrgyz colleagues.
Five women are seated at a table with arts and crafts materials.
Librarians at one of Subramaniam’s workshops experiment with creating tactile representations of a connected learning program.
Two smiling women stand next to each other with their arms around each other.
Dr. Subramaniam stops for a quick photo with her host institution counterpart, Dr. Jyldyz Bekbalaeva, who is the Library Director at the American University of Central Asia.
Six smiling women stand shoulder to shoulder; behind them is a wall with a television.
While visiting the Kyrgyz Republic as a Fulbright Specialist, Dr. Subramaniam had the opportunity to visit library facilities around the country to learn more about how they engage youth.



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