Exploring a City

One Stranger at a Time

SIT Study Abroad programs are not known for hand-holding or isolating participants in a bubble of American culture, and nowhere is that more apparent than during “drop-off.” Arriving in a new city, students are divided into small groups, handed a checklist, and essentially shown the door — their job is to track down everything on their list, which means navigating an unfamiliar city and talking to locals. There is no better way to push aside the initial strangeness of a new place or, with many programs, trepidation at speaking a foreign language.

In these photos, follow a group of undergrads, participants on SIT Study Abroad’s Peace and Conflict Studies in the Balkans program, as they explore Kosovo’s capital Prishtina.

All photos © Kimberly Abbott.

Malia, a SIT Study Abroad student, checks another Prishtina landmark off the list.
Of course, there’s still time for a selfie.
A few more items off the list.
In front of the National Theater of Kosovo.
Students pause to take in a memorial.

On the Peace and Conflict Studies in the Balkans program, students do drop-offs for each of the cities in which they study during the semester: Belgrade, Prishtina, Banja Luka and Sarajevo. The experience highlights the most important locations in each city related to the themes of the program.

It’s impossible to get to know a place without talking to locals — and drop-off makes it happen.

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