A QITABI 2 enumerator conducts the Learning Recovery Study to collect student learning performance data.

After two years of learning disruptions in Lebanon brought on by the pandemic and other crises, a study conducted by USAID and its Quality Instruction Towards Access and Basic Education Improvement 2 (QITABI 2) program shows second-and third-grade students are reading well below their expected grade levels.

From 2019 to…

Enhancing learning and intercultural understanding have been hallmarks of World Learning since its inception. Expanding upon this mission, our growth in online programming since 2002 has enabled teachers to shift their practices to more active, student-centered learning while promoting critical thinking and intercultural understanding across the board.

This has proven…

How a Summer Exchange Experience Turned into a New Life

It had been a while since Girish Keniya visited Manhattan, Kansas. Since his first time there as an Experimenter 43 years ago, he’s immigrated to the United States and had a long career. He says his exchange experience was key to making a life in the United States.

When he…

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World Learning empowers people, communities, and institutions to create a more peaceful and just world.

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